Dublin, Ireland

It is already one month that I moved from job, from continent, from office, and everything else.

11 years ago, I was at the Unicamp convention center watching Orkut and some Google BHZ engineers talk. From that day, my curiosity and desire to join that company only growed over the time.

I know that my skills would be more limited without my time working at ProFUSION, where I found amazing engineers that I will ever keep respect and admire. I felt so beloved by that company that I couldn’t apply to another place. But the time passed and the challenges were different, it was the time to say goodbye and forced me to follow the dream.

After some long years back in academia, I started build my relation with Google. I was choisen one of Google Student Ambassadors for Unicamp and didn’t missed the oportunity from the first day make the difference in the 90 Latin America ambassadors. I finished this experience with success, prizes, network, teaching ads and Android, certificates, and more.

After many tries, I got an internship oportunity in my first try without any referral. The first internship opened the door for the second, and both of them bring me here. For two times, I worked a lot, had my impostor syndrome phase, and in the end, I did a great work and made friends, who are professionals that I admire.

Now, its time to go ahead and make our great products even better! As full time engineer, I will have more and depper challenges.

Migrated to Hugo

After long time, this site and the respective blog leave their hiatus. The main objective is not keep an updated blog, but compile my content on my own website.

Years ago, tiagofalcao.com was a Google Site and I felt that it deserves a more flexible and tweakable structure. Initially, I adopted the Jekyll native support at Github Pages, which make the initial repository simpler than managing a more complex infrastructure to update it. However, I love Go and the Ruby requirements to upgrade the site was painful.

This is a new era! I hope can fill this page with content about myself, my projects, and more. I like social networks, but this will be main content repository. I hope so.